Global Day of Jewish Learning

November 11, 2018


1. Generations: A Family’s Journeys Dr. Martin O. Cohen N/A
2. Jonah: A Story of Many Journeys Rabbi Daniel Pernick Dr. Debra Raice
3. Journey into the Unknown Judith Rose Rabbi Paul Kurland
4. The Journey of Our Names Rabbi Elchanan Weinbach Rabbi David Berkman
5. The Making of a Wandering People Rabbi Benjamin Sharff Rabbi Brian Leiken
6. The Stops along the Way N/A Rabbi Jill Hackell


  • Generations: A Family’s Journeys
    A family journey of three generations – Abraham, Isaac and Jacob – led to the formation of a nation of people called the Children of Israel. We’ll look at how the paths of the patriarchs diverged, how their lives connected with the Land of Israel, and explore the meanings of their multi-generational saga.
  • Jonah: A Story of Many Journeys
    Travel through the Book of Jonah by following the journeys of some lesser known characters. In this close reading, we will examine literary and artistic interpretations of the text.
  • Journey into the Unknown
    What does it mean to set out on a journey without knowing the destination? Meet Abram (Abraham) who is commanded to “go forth!” and does just that. We will explore what this passage of the Bible may reveal about journeys and progress.
  • The Journey of Our Names 
    Names are significant, and carry promises and challenges. Our own names embody aspirations – hopes that our families have for us and that we have for ourselves. We will look at how some biblical characters transform when their names change, and trace the journeys of some modern examples.
  • The Making of a Wandering People
    How can a nation or a people exist in diaspora? We will explore how the experience of exile has shaped the Jewish people, from biblical times to the present day.
  • The Stops Along the Way
    When we go on a journey, our horizons are broadened, and we gain new insights into the world. Is it any wonder that we use journeys as a metaphor for life? We will look closely at texts that tell of journeys and paths and finding ways these ancient stories can inform our present-day behaviors.






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