Key Initiatives of the Jewish Federation & Foundation of Rockland County

Strategies should not be viewed in isolation but rather overlapped where advantageous to do so by maximizing human and financial resources.

  • Grow Annual Campaign in both total dollars and number of donors through innovation, new activities and personal connections.
  • Utilize the Compelling Needs™  grants making process to engage community leadership donors through education and site visits and stimulate new initiatives, innovation and experimentation among the agency partners
  • Relationship building and advocacy for Israel as a democracy and world leader in multiple fields of endeavor
  • Build positive relations between all Rockland communities, school districts and towns and fight the pernicious rise in anti-Semitism nationally and locally
  • Showcase Israel as a unifying force among Jewish people and the wellspring of creativity and spiritual strength with a Journey to Israel in October 2018 with 50+ community members to celebrate Israel’s 70th anniversary
  • Build a broad platform for leadership training and enhancement with a primary focus on the board members and potential board members of Community Weaving participant organizations
  • Enhance Jewish identity and education among teens (grade 8 to 12) with an initiative to strengthen existing programs and build collaborative efforts across programs and congregations
  • Build an Endowment and Legacy program modeled on the successful Create a Jewish Legacy program of the Harold Grinspoon Foundation.
  • Young family engagement to increase the connectedness of families with young children to Jewish life, Jewish community and Jewish Federation and its partners through PJ Library and other programs
  • Formation of a communications platform that will enhance a sense of Rockland Jewish identity and be a curated outlet for organizations to share news, perspectives and promote events.  This may be actualized in electronic, print or social media formats or a mixture of these formats