Leadership Development Institute

Training Tomorrow's Jewish Community Leaders

Leadership Development Institute (LDI) is a program of the Jewish Federation & Foundation of Rockland County designed to identify and develop the skills and commitment of up-and-coming Jewish communal volunteers. The goal of LDI is to strengthen Rockland’s Jewish leadership base, resulting in a more active and vibrant community. 


The next LDI program will begin in November of 2017. Participants meet once per month from November through June, for a two-hour class held at the Rockland Jewish Community Campus. During each class, participants hear from an inspirational speaker and enjoy dinner. Classes range from an overview of LDI and the Rockland Jewish community, to global Jewish agencies, to discovering our own personal strengths as well as a hands-on class where participants are broken into groups to come up with a “solution” to a problem in Israeli society. Upon completion of the LDI school year in May, we have an offsite graduation ceremony in June.


2016 LDI Graduates

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The LDI Class of 2017 graduates on June 8

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For more information

To nominate an individual for the LDI 2017-2018 program or for more information on LDI, please call Gary Siepser, CEO at 845-362-4200, ext. 133.


What LDI Alumni are Saying

“The session entitled ‘Discovering and Using Your Strengths’ gave me a new way to look at my leadership skills and overcome my weaknesses. I was immediately able to use what I learned that week in projects at work and in volunteer activities." – Barbara Silverstone


“I enjoyed all of my LDI experience, but what I liked best was learning how we all relate to Judaism differently and those differences allow us to touch the Jewish community in different ways. I personally believe those differences make our community stronger and a stronger, more cohesive community is good for us all.” – Michael Morenberg


“You really see the ideas behind Judaism in action.  You grow as a person just hearing that.” – Stephen Cohn


“LDI’s real strength lies in your network – both in your individual class as well as the greater LDI community.  LDI brings together some of Rockland’s most knowledgeable and dedicated leaders which makes for a dynamic educational and social experience, and I am very proud to be affiliated with it!” – Rob Pitkofsky