Take action now to partner with Federation in securing our community

In the wake of last week’s events ini Texas, and the continuing, alarming rise in antisemitism and antisemitic violence nationwide, the Jewish Federation & Foundation of Rockland County is taking a number of steps to enhance the security of our community.

  • Coordinating with law enforcement at the town, county and state levels
  • Working with JFNA’s Secure Communities Network
  • Partnering with other local and national organizations to reach and coordinate with the entire Jewish community in Rockland regarding resources and advocacy
  • Advocate to all levels of government for their support

You can make a difference in securing our community. Please use the letter below as a template to reach out to your leaders and representatives at local, county, state and federal levels. Add your signature, and send to some or all of the leaders and legislators listed below.

Together, we can build a secure Jewish community in Rockland.

Ari Rosenblum,
CEO Jewish Federation and Foundation of Rockland County

Dear (leader or legislator), 

A few short days ago, you participated in our program commemorating the antisemitic attack in Monsey in 2019. Thank you for your clear affirmation of your solidarity with our community, and your commitment to making resources available to the Jewish community as all of us work to ensure the safety of our synagogues, institutions, and neighborhoods. This past weekend, the events in Colleyville, Texas once again reminded all Americans that antisemitism right here at home continues to metastasize, growing violent and potentially deadly, and it reminded us of how critical those resources are.

Our communities, our institutions and our synagogues are grateful for the opportunities made available at local, state, and federal levels for security funding, especially through FEMA’s Nonprofit Security Grant Program. At this time, I and many members of Rockland's 100,000 strong Jewish community are asking you to continue and enhance the commitments you have made to our security in the following four ways: 

  • Continue, enhance, and expedite the Nonprofit Security Grant Program, ensuring that timelines from application to funding are minimized so that necessary funds for security measures are available now, not after months of bureaucratic “red tape.”. Consider advance funding beyond the current reimbursement mandate.
  • Local law enforcement is working with Jewish institutions to carry out location-specific threat assessments. These require support and enhancement, and budgets from all levels of government need to ensure continued delivery of these services from these points of contact.
  • There are several public and communal agencies working to provide the kind of training that saved lives in Colleyville last week. Our community seeks emergency grants to fund such training. We have well over 200 synagogues and Jewish institutions in Rockland County, with thousands of community members passing through their doors every day. Without access to such training, each one of those individuals is at risk. 
  • Ensure that an effective pipeline exists to share intelligence on real-time and long term threats, going from community volunteers with eyes on the ground to local, county, state, DHS, FBI and other law enforcement agencies and vice versa. 

It is a sad reality that in our country in 2022 we do not feel secure; in fact, we are too often targeted. Your solidarity, your advocacy, and your partnership in making and meeting these commitments will make a huge difference. 


I look forward to your timely response to these requests.