Our Board 2016-2017


Federation board members are selected through a nominations process and serve a 2-year term with an option for extended service. All appointees are voted on at the Federation annual meeting each June and serve as independent voting board members.

Board meeting minutes can be found here.


Lisa Green



Vice Presidents

Stephen Cohn

Bonnie Werk

MIchael Satran


Melinda Levin

Max Kaufman
Steve Gold
Arthur Yorkes


Past Presidents                                   
Roberta Aaronson
Carol Blau
Robert Grosser
Robert Silverman
Nat Wasserstein
Andrea Weinberger

General Board

Lillian Adler

Scott Coopersmith

Bert Distelburger

Rabbi Paula Mack Drill

Phil Gruber 

Jeff Koenig

Jonathan Meister

Rabbi Jeremy Ruberg

Carol Schiller

Steven Schulman

Harriet Spevack 

Judge Alfred Weiner 

Charna Weissman 

Alden Wolfe