PJ Library Rockland

PJ Library Rockland is a partnership between Jewish Federation and Foundation of Rockland and JCC Rockland.


Both organizations can be found on the Rockland Jewish Community Campus.


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All about PJ Library

  1. What is PJ Library?
    PJ Library sends free, award-winning books that celebrate Jewish values and culture to families with children 6 months through 8 years old.
  2.  How do I sign up?
    Signing up is free, easy, and takes less than 3 minutes. Join today!
  3. Can older kids receive books?
    Kids ages 9-11 can join PJ Our Way to choose their own free chapter books! Kids in both age groups? Sign up for both!


Meet the Javers

PJ Family of the Month - November 2019


How did you hear about PJ Library?
I believe we heard about the PJ library before the girls were born. Family members told us to sign up. We have always loved getting the books in the mail.
Why is PJ Library important in your home?
The books that we receive have great morals, specifically Jewish morals. We attended many programs with our girls when they were younger.
What's your bedtime routine? (Be honest)
As the girls have gotten older it has changed. Reading is often done after school or while dinner is being cooked. The girls share a room and go to bed at the same time. We ( Josh & I) always lay with the girls for at least a few minutes to discuss the day, laugh or talk. Then we switch beds quickly. Then they are off to bed... usually with one last call back in for some water, to discuss something briefly or an extra hug.
What's your favorite PJ book?
Mrs. Kats & Toosh. The girls read this book at school before receiving it at home from the PJ Library. They were excited to read it with us because in school their teachers asked them to teach the class about the Jewish words in the book.

Meet the Lews

PJ Family of the Month - October 2019


How did you hear about PJ Library?
We heard about PJ Library from teachers at a synagogue that we used to belong to in Westchester. They shared how wonderful the program was and how it was a great way to incorporate Jewish traditions and stories for young children into the home.
Why is PJ Library important in your home?
PJ Library is great, and my children look forward to receiving books in the mail. It is important for us to share the joys of Jewish tradition and culture with our young children in a way that is meaningful to them. With the vibrant pictures and engaging stories, PJ Library has been a wonderful way for us as to connect to Judaism with our children.
What's your bedtime routine? (Be honest)
BBedtime routine consists of brushing teeth, reading bedtime stories and/or doing a quiet bedtime activity, followed by "Dreama Dreama" (which is a spell to cast bad dreams away), tucking in, and putting on turtle night light along with sound machine.
What's your favorite PJ book?
Favorite is definitely Kayla and Kugel! My daughter has brought this in several times to read to her class when she was "Shabbat Child" at preschool.

Meet the Allens

PJ Family of the Month - September 2019


How did you hear about PJ Library?

Through the JCC, of course!

Why is PJ Library important in your home?

 The fact that this is a free program, just because it's a kind and good thing to share and be generous, makes it a great opportunity to instill those values in our kids. It also makes them feel very proud and special to receive something in the mail with their names on it. And of course, books! Who doesn't love getting a new book!

What's your bedtime routine? (Be honest)

When we start to get close to bedtime, we announce that the kitchen is about to close and each of the boys can choose one last snack before we go upstairs. So after they each have 3-4 snacks, we go up. Then we get on PJs and brush teeth, and we tell they can each pick one show to watch. So we all pile on the bed and they pick their shows: Daniel Tiger, Storybots, Curious George, and Be Cool, Scooby Doo are all favorites. 3-4 shows later, it's time for everyone to go in their own rooms--we tell them they can each pick one book before bedtime. So after 3-4 books, they're finally ready to climb into bed and go to sleep.

What's your favorite PJ book?

Oh No, George! George is a very sweet dog who has trouble controlling himself around things like cakes, cats, and trash. His owner shares the same name as our older son so we always have a lot of fun reading it.

Meet the Kriegs

PJ Family of the Month - August 2019


How did you hear about PJ Library?

We found out about PJ Library through Miriam Pedler, the director of the Deborah Koenig Early Childhood Center at the JCC. Samara began working there when our son Ryder was 3 months old, and it was one of the first things Miriam mentioned. It wasn’t long before we were receiving our monthly books. Now we get to enjoy them with Ryder and his little sister Sydney.

Why is PJ Library important in your home?

 PJ Library is important in our home because our children attend the JCC where they are learning the significance of Jewish values and traditions in school. The books allow us to continue these conversations in our home. It is a pleasure to watch our son eagerly open his mail once a month.

What's your bedtime routine? (Be honest)

Our bedtime routine consists of bath, vitamin, teeth brushing, a book or books, and snuggle time. If we’re being completely honest, Wheel of Fortune is a regular part of our routine too, Ryder loves game shows.

What's your favorite PJ book?

Our favorite PJ books are Good Night Laila Tov and Chanukah Lights Everywhere.

Meet the Rosenblums

PJ Family of the Month - July 2019


How did you hear about PJ Library?
My friends who had children before me raved about it. It was one of the first things I signed up for after we had Henry.
Why is PJ Library important in your home?
PJ has always provided our family a way to share the holidays in an age appropriate way with our kids. Through the books we have been able to generate excitement about the holidays we never before celebrated as a family like Tu B'shvat and Sukkot. Also, during times when it feels like everyone is celebrating holidays we are not, it is a wonderful feeling to have a complete library of books that remind us of the wonderful things we do celebrate.
What's your bedtime routine? (Be honest)
Bath, brush teeth, one story, one more story, just one more story, the final one more story, glass of water, final trip to the bathroom, discussion of tomorrows story. Bed.
What's your favorite PJ book?
We love the dinosaur who visits on Shabbat and goes to Israel.

18 things about Samara

18 is a lucky Jewish number. The number 9 represents life (Chai). 18 is called Double Chai.

  1. I met my husband Warren on JDate.
  2. I love roller coasters.
  3. I have a son named Ryder and daughter named Sydney.
  4. I once met Jerry Seinfeld and Matthew Broderick on a street corner in NYC.
  5. I worked in advertising sales for 6 years before coming to the JCC.
  6. I am really good at ping pong.
  7. I LOVE Broadway musicals and have seen too many to count.
  8. I am a big fan of standup comedy.
  9. I have a younger brother named Ethan.
  10. I have a dog named Daisy.
  11. I have always loved to paint landscapes and have some of my paintings hanging in my home.
  12. I won my honeymoon in a raffle.
  13. I grew up in New City and attended Clarkstown North but currently reside in Mahwah, New Jersey with my family.
  14. I went to SUNY Oneonta where I received a Bachelors in Communication Studies and minored in English.
  15. My favorite movie is E.T.
  16. I have seen every episode of Full House...multiple times.
  17. I spent 3 years living in NYC and 4 years living in Hoboken NJ before moving back to the suburbs.
  18. I went on Birthright to Israel back in 2008.

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