Doing Jewish

It’s what we do every day. Whether it’s the food we favor…a bagel with shmear… or the drive to repair the world…tikkun olam, we Jews are there, especially in Rockland County. We plan to bring Doing Jewish to you every Friday. Sometimes it’ll be fun, sometimes it’ll be serious.

Rabbi Berkman's D'var Torah.

Jews have the reputation of being argumentative. But that's a good thing. A good argument is one where the two (or more) with completely differing opinions open themselves up to hearing the opinion of the other. Listen to Rabbi David Berkman of New City Jewish Center talk about what it mean…

Rabbi Ben Sharf's D'var Torah

Rabbi Ben Sharff on this week's torah portion about war and our response to it. He suggests that the trumpet blasts that sounded in ancient Israel when Israel was attacked can also be thought of today as a call to all humanity everywhere that in war all humanity suffers.

Rabbi Hersh's D'var Torah

Modeh Ani: please watch Rabbi Ami Hersh speak about the experience we have gone through this last year and that we are still going through. He talks about it as the slowest year and the fastest year.

Rabbi Graber's D'var Torah

Rabbi Daniel Graber of New City Jewish Center shares his thoughts about Passover with us. He speaks of the three ways we can dispose of chametz, what's in our homes, our hearts, and our words. As we all get ready to celebrate, consider Rabbi Graber's words about the spiritual chametz that…

Rabbi Russo on Purim

Rabbi Ariel Russo of Congregation Sons of Israel in Upper Nyack shares a message about Purim with us. She mentions the masks we wear to keep safe these days but also the masks we wear to keep it all together when everyone--children and adults alike--are struggling. She speaks of how the Jews…