Our Global Work

Stories of the work we do around the world

More Life, More Love, More Pride: European Teens Meet Holocaust Survivors

Before she joined the Intergeneration program in Budapest, 80-year-old Mariann rarely told people she had survived the Holocaust—or even that she was Jewish.

“For 70 years, we were afraid to tell our stories. But because of this program, I got the courage to tell my friends and neighb…

A Brewing Revolution

Bryan had it made. With help from The Jewish Agency for Israel, he fulfilled his dream of trading LA smog for clean Galilee air. Every day, he returned from work to greet his wife and children, and grab a cold brew from a stocked fridge. Life was ideal.

Then it happened. Celiac disease, w…

A More Colorful Education in Israel

Edan Tigabo only wanted to learn. But it sometimes felt like there was no place in Israel for a girl who could barely fill her stomach to also fill her mind.

Out of place at her public school, she transferred to the Hodayot religious youth village in the lower Galilee. The school communi…

Forging Culture from Conflict: The Healing Power of Art in Sderot

Mention the Negev city of Sderot, and most people think of rockets. But when Liron Max and Sharon Ken-Dor moved to town, they saw something else: a city thirsty for art.

So they gathered 18 artists and formed Umm Culture House with the goal of creating a truly local art for Sderot. Displa…

Making Every Day Health Day in Bosnia

It’s Health Day in Kakanj, a small town just north of Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Nela Hasic and her team are providing free breast exams, health consultations and culturally-sensitive education for more than 100 women and children.

It may not seem like enough in a country where…